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The Coolest Property Consultancy on the Block

The Property Bureau was founded by two highly experienced property advisors, Kristy Caskey and Alastair Mairs to provide buyers with the help needed to cut through the ‘noise’ of the real estate market and see transacting in property clearly and logically, making the best choice for their needs.

Wanting a modern look and feel different to the conservative style of the property advisory business, the duo contacted Blink for guidance on naming and branding their dynamic new company.

To set the consultancy apart from its competitors, Blink advised a business name without the founders’ surnames, and instead a name indicative of their experience and know how in all areas of the real estate market. Hence the name The Property Bureau, a completely unique and all-encompassing descriptor of the business.


“The team at Blink Creative were a dream to work with on our company branding project. They listened to our plans and came back with a fantastic range of options for us to choose from. Their professionalism, communication and attention to detail made us feel that we were in the best possible hands.”

  • Kristy Caskey
  • Director, The Property Bureau

In powder blue, the logo, encompassing the initials PB, is a short form version of the wordmark. Easily identifiable and distinguishable, it sets a cool and confident bureau like tone and provides a unique and unified personality that cuts through the staid and sedate style associated with traditional property advisory firms.