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Spice up your day with a ginger shot

Toniq Lab was concocted in the kitchen of Aileen Lam after inspiration struck during a nasty cold. To aid her recovery, she decided to experiment with her parents’ classic remedy of ginger, honey, and lemon. Realising she was onto something Aileen launched Toniq Lab, a nutrition-focussed juice shot that targets gut health and immunity.
Aileen recruited Blink Creative to help bring her recipe to life with the development of a name, brand identity, packaging, collateral, and website design & build. The brand needed to be contemporary and bright but rooted in functional health and science. Blink worked on a concept that would manifest these elements in an uplifting way, and appeal to retailers and consumers.

Launch Website —

“Vibrant and fresh, everything from the wordmark and colour palette to the packaging and website design was developed to embody the health and wellness industry.”

The name Toniq Lab connects with the product’s scientific roots, but the alternative spelling is suggestive of a modern and innovative brand.
The dual colour pairings of blue and green characterise trust and research, whilst the citrus yellow and guava pink reflect the organic and nourishing nature of the cold-pressed juice shots. The rotation of these pairings in the marketing collateral and branding serve to capture the combined values of Toniq Lab.