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Developing a B2B Voice

Open Universities Australia is an online higher education organisation allowing students to study complete degree programs and single units from twelve Australian universities at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

OUA approached Blink to design a modern, professional and user-friendly information brochure, the first of its kind, specifically designed to articulate the value OUA offers universities. The brochure needed to appeal to a broad university audience, spanning academic and administrative staff, Deans and Vice Chancellors. It needed to create a positive and professional first opinion, be informative and user friendly. As the first B2B communication from OUA to universities, Blink was required to adapt the consumer visual identity for this academic audience while remaining true to the OUA core identity.

“Our challenge was to reimagine the consumer visual identity and style for an academic B2B audience. Blink were able to help guide us through a complex problem by providing a solution that was adapted to suit a very different audience but remained true to our core identity.”

Donner Gallagher
Education Programs Marketing Manager