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Creating a Softer Brand for a Salon Professional

A younger sibling to the long established and successful NVEY professional range of certified organic Makeup and Skincare, NVEY Baby is a range of baby skin care products formulated using a ‘gentle care formula’ – safe, caring, gentle and organic ingredients to care for and protect delicate young skin.

This new line, with a new target audience gave blink the challenge of translating the professional salon look of the Makeup and Skincare ranges into a softer vision appealing to parents seeking a natural and organic skincare solution for their children.

Therefore, Blink created the NVEY Baby sub brand in a curved custom font communicating softness and gentleness.  To further communicate the soft and gentle premise, Blink developed NVEY Baby’s ‘gentle care formula’ guarantee into a cute and charming character icon, to feature on every product.

Enhanced with full colour animal illustrations, the NVEY Baby packaging presents an enticing prospect to new parents looking for a natural skin care alternative.