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Superfood for Your Hair

CHIA Hair products are sourced form cold pressed extra virgin botanical oil extracted from the Salvia Hispanica seeds growing in the Amazon Rainforest.

CHIA Hair assists in protecting hair fibres from the oxidative damage generated by sun radiation, creating a protective film that avoids protein loss caused by UV damage.

The range required a brand identity that communicated the nourishing properties of the product with packaging that clearly distinguished each of the products in the 4 step process to beautiful hair.

Blink devised a bold word mark with the centre of the A stylised as a drop of chia oil to denote health and nourishment. A colour system was was then developed to distinguish each of the products which were also numbered in order from use from 1-4.

With accompanying simple and clean product descriptors, Chia Hair presents as an enticing and simple way to healthier hair.