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Turning a Mantra into a Tagline

Caronlab is Australia’s leading salon wax manufacturer, a driver of innovation and trends in the salon wax industry, and continually setting the standard to which others strive.

Caronlab understands that modernisation is also necessary for its own brand and so with Blink, embarked upon an extensive brand revitalisation that not only delivered an updated image, but took a fresh look at exactly what the brand meant for salons and beauty therapists themselves.

A comprehensive brand workshop uncovered that the top professional wax brands, including Caronlab, were focused on promoting themselves and their offerings.

As Caronlab’s mantra and innovation has always been driven by “making the lives of beauty therapists easier”, blink developed and recommended a direction that focused on the customer, that is, the beauty therapist.

Hence a new campaign and tagline “For a Better…” was used to communicate that Caronlab provides an easier and more effective way to deal with all key facets of a salon’s day to day operations, namely: Business, Product, Staff Education & Training and Customer Service.

Caron’s brand style was also refreshed with contemporary beauty imagery and colours for a thoroughly modern look.

This new look and unique approach, used in all print and online communications, has cut through competitors’ well-worn proclamations about themselves and their products and taken Caronlab yet again to the next level.